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07/08/2018: The new Christmas Special 2018 is here!

Christmas is coming! The new Christmas Special 2018 promises hot sales in the cold season.

The elk himself posed for our wintry catalogue Christmas Special and has taken care of a fine gift this early in the season! We presents the nice sides of winter with attractive presents that will light up the eyes of your customers.

Our Christmassy catalogue is now available in many different languages.

Christmas Special 2018 ePaper Christmas Special 2018 ePaper
PromotionTops Website PromotionTops Website

16/07/2018: Time for New Promotional Ideas

Pre-order now! The Promotion Tops catalogue 2019 is full of fresh ideas. You will find everything that brings fun.

It's time for individual advertising, more turnover, and a strong image. Well-arranged chapters, detailed product information, and appealing images turn the catalogue into a must-have sales instrument.

The Promotion Tops catalogue 19 can be arranged with your own cover, address imprint, and optionally a personal preface on page 2. The catalogue will be available in multiple languages from January 2019. Order now, profit later.

Please let us know your order until 31.10.2018 and secure the Promotion Tops at a price of € 2.00 per catalogue.

Pre-order now!  Pre-order now!

17/05/2018: Pre-order now!

It's time. The Christmas Special 2018 is in the starting blocks. Order now, browse in August!

Is it already time to think about this year’s Christmas business? Certainly! Under the motto "puristic, aesthetic and Christmassy", this year's catalogue presents itself in discreet colours, shapes and structures.

Submit your order until 06.06.2018 to secure the Christmas Special at € 1.00 per catalogue. Our catalogue will be available in different languages from August!

Pre-order now! Pre-order now!

17/01/2018: Thank you for letting us welcome you!

Thousands of visitors from all over the world visited our stand at the PSI fair in Düsseldorf (9.-11.1.2018) - many thanks for the visit!

Inspirion, one of the largest exhibitors in the Nordic ambience with beach atmosphere and lighthouse, presented several hundred new products and the freshly printed catalogue PROMOTIONTOPS for the year 2018.

You are interested in a presentation of the novelties and/or in our catalogue? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

15/12/2017: DEKRA extends certificate for REACH conformity

Inspirion has once again passed the REACH audit this year and may continue to bear the DEKRA seal for one year.

Since 2013, DEKRA has supported Inspirion as an independent testing body in assessing the risk of substances of very high concern (SVHC). Regular audits confirm the validity of the certificate time and time again.

With the successful extension of the certificate, Inspirion GmbH once again underlines its high standards of safety and quality.

01/08/2017: 532 pages full of ideas

Our brand-new catalogue PROMOTIONTOPS 2018 was published just in time for the start of the new year.

Inspirion presents the entire range of thousands of interesting and exciting promotional items on 532 colourful pages.
From classics to trend articles to hundreds of new products, there is something for every taste.
Of course, fans of our stylish TOPiCO products will also get their money's worth.
With a weight of less than one kilogram, the catalogue is particularly handy and also inexpensive to send.

You would like to order catalogues for yourself and/or your customers? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

PromotionTops 2018 ePaper PromotionTops 2018 ePaper
PromotionTops Website PromotionTops Website

18/07/2017: PromotionTops 2018

Order now: The new catalogue PromotionTops 2018. Order now, browse in January!

Compact, clearly arranged and full of ideas! Our catalogue 2018 is as exciting as a hot-off-the-press magazine and turns every page into an eyecatcher. On more than 532 pages, we present bestsellers, witty gadgets and many novelties. Our TOPICO premium products complete this unique collection.

Please tell us your order by 31.10.2017 and get the PromotionTops for only € 2,00 per catalogue.

Catalogue orders can be placed until 31 October 2017! Catalogue orders can be placed until 31 October 2017!

13/01/2017: PSI Awards Sönke Hinrichs the Badge of Honour

Since 25 years, Sönke Hinrichs, founder and manager of Inspirion, has been part of the PSI network and for that was awarded the golden badge of honour on 11 January 2017.

The award ceremony took place during the 55th PSI Fair in Düsseldorf. In recognition of the old established collaboration, director of the PSI Michael Freter presented the badge of honour to Sönke Hinrichs and commemorated the beginnings of their cooperation.

In the early 90s, Hinrichs together with a team of four colleagues came to the fair in Düsseldorf and presented his items on pasting tables – with colour copies of self made Polaroids. Most of the colleagues from that time are still aboard today. “I therefore receive the award on behalf of these colleagues, too. They were crucial in our strong growth”, explains Sönke Hinrichs.

The development could also be seen during the exhibition: In 2017, Inspirion came to the PSI with a team of 60 and presented itself as the largest single exhibitor on an area of 663 m2. In the Inspirion catalogue customers today can find approx. 2,500 different items on more than 530 pages.

06/01/2017: Really Phat Yet Still So Light

The PromotionTops 2017 is really phat yet still so light. The new catalogue of promotional items weighs less than 1 kg. Leafing through it is even more fun now and the selection is huge. On around 530 pages, Inspirion presents approximately 2,500 promotional items in many modern colours.

The PromotionTops 2017 makes work easier for you and your business. True to the motto JUST ONE FOR ALL we show all brands in a single catalogue for the first time and offer great ideas for all tastes and budgets. Bestsellers, funny gadgets, and many novelties! And the well designed premium products by TOPiCO complement the Inspirion selection perfectly.

You don’t yet have a copy of our catalogue on your desk? The new PromotionTops in handy dimensions (18.5 x 26 cm) is now available in many languages. Order today and reap the rewards tomorrow!


03/12/2016: REACH Audit Passed

Inspirion passed the REACH Audit once again and may continue to carry the DEKRA seal for another year.

Since December 2013, DEKRA supports Inspirion with the risk evaluation of substances of very high concern (SVHC) as an independent risk evaluator. The validity of the certificate is reaffirmed through regular audits.

“The successful recertification makes us proud. With the extension of the certificate, Inspirion again emphasises a high level of safety and quality”, explains Birte Kock, who is Inspirion’s REACH expert and accompanied the audit.

10/10/2016: Ball of energy wins in Warsaw

The power bank JUMP STARTER was awarded the “Super Gift 2016”. The Car-Assist-Starting won the first prize in the category of “Products more than 100 Złoty (= 22 €)”.

The award ceremony took place in the setting of the Marketing, Printing and Packaging Festival (September 10-11, 2014) held in Polish capital. The jury existed of exhibition visitors, who score award-worthy products in six categories.

The car power bank by our brand TOPiCO is a novelty of our new catalogue Christmas Special 2016. The power bank in pocket size does not only provide smartphones with juice. The ball of energy is also usable for cars. Because of the leads, which are plug protected against reverse polarity and have red and black clamps, a take-off-attempt of a breakdown van with 12-Volt-Battery can happen.

More information about power bank JUMP STARTER More information about power bank JUMP STARTER

01/10/2016: The New Catalogue Celebrates Lightness

The PromotionTops Catalogue 2017 will be much handier and weight less than 1 kg. Small dimensions, great content. True to the motto “Just one for all”, we present approximately 2,500 promotional items that are guaranteed to please.

The new catalogue comes with 530 pages full of ideas. Everything fun can be found inside. We show promotional items effective in advertising from business to leisure – give aways, bestsellers, and plenty of novelties in many colours. TOPiCO’s premium products complete the collection.

Clearly laid out chapters, detailed product information, and worlds of images render the catalogue into a must have sales instrument. The PromotionTops 2017 can be individualised with your own cover, address imprint, and, optionally, a personal foreword on page 2. Furthermore, the promotional catalogue will also be available as an ePaper to leaf through online. The catalogue with new dimensions (18.5 x 26 cm) will be available in various languages from January 2017. Order now, profit later!

Catalogue orders can be placed until 31 October 2016! Catalogue orders can be placed until 31 October 2016!

27/04/2016: A Sparkler for Splendid Business

It will be a glittering Christmas time! For the new Christmas catalogue Christmas Catalogue 2016 glitters and sparkles and promises magnificent gift ideas.

On approximately 120 catalogue pages, we present attractive promotional items from Inspirion’s range of items and premium gifts from TOPiCO’s PiCOWORLD Christmas Selection at the end of the catalogue. Many novelties and seasonal must-haves will make your customers beam!

The Christmas Special simply looks stunning and will see to splendid business in the second half of the year. So send out a sparkler to your customers this year and look forward to seeing your customers beam with joy. Our catalogue is available in various languages from August!

04/04/2016: Sales team with two newcomers

Inspirion has expanded the international sales team with Sarah Sickfeld und Helen Chan-Fröhlich.

Helen Chan-Fröhlich took over responsibility as the contact person for the customers in Northern Europe on April 1. The native from Hong Kong looks back on many years' experience in sales and as well as German and Cantonese, she also speaks English and French.

Sarah Sickfeld also recently joined the team. Since March 2016, Sickfeld has been filling in for Sinja Lettmann, who will be taking maternity leave from June onwards. Her tasks include serving the customers from Austria and Switzerland. The qualified business administration assistant for the wholesale and export trade was previously employed in the metal industry.

Both of the newcomers will provide competent back-office and field services to the customers and will ensure the smooth processing of quotes and orders.

25/02/2016: The Prize is Hot

The travel mug “Flavoured” wins third place in the category TopDesign of “Gifts of the Year”. The competition was held during the printing and promotional fair RemaDays (16.-18.02.2016) in Warsaw.

Inspirion’s hot travel mug convinced the international fair visitors with its look, quality, and longevity. Different from usual jury procedures, on the RemaDays the fair attendants vote for their favourite. “That is why the prize is especially precious to us”, explains Wojciech Morawski, Marketing Manager of Inspirion Polska.

The double-walled travel mug “Flavoured” is available in four cool colours in our web shop. Its inside and outside are made of stainless steel. Moreover, the mug possesses a secure screw cap and a drinking opening integrated into the lid. The capacity of the mug is about 380 ml.

More information about the travel mug “Flavoured” More information about the travel mug “Flavoured”