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PromotionTops 2020 ePaper

PromotionTops 2020

Take your time to discover promising promotional items.

Get carried along by our new catalogue 2020 and treat your customers at the same time!

Time for personalised advertising, more turnover, and a strong image! Our promotional items catalogue 2020 triumphs with high-quality bestsellers, sportive gadgets, and extraordinary novelties on more than 544 pages. The premium products of TOPiCO round off the collection.

PromotionTops 2020 ePaper PromotionTops 2020 ePaper
PromotionTops Website PromotionTops Website
ACT GREEN 2020 ePaper


Time for responsibility!

That feels good. We make the world a little bit better and inspire your customers!

On 38 pages the mini-catalogue ACT GREEN 2020 offers environmentally friendly products made mainly from renewable raw materials.
Let yourself be inspired by articles from the household, writing, colourful & creative and cotton sectors.

ACT GREEN 2020 ePaper ACT GREEN 2020 ePaper
PromotionTops Website PromotionTops Website
SOCCER 2020 ePaper


sporting highlights

Whether the European Championship or the Olympic Games: the year 2020 has plenty of events in store to awaken the spirit of sport.

To go with it, we offer a lot of advertising material on 23 pages, which this summer is an absolute must not only for football fans. Enhance the products with a flag, your logo or both. And until the end of May we also have a great promotion on SOCCER 2020 products.

Be at the forefront now!

SOCCER 2020 ePaper SOCCER 2020 ePaper
PromotionTops Website PromotionTops Website
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Bags Special 2020

In our Bags Special you will find backpacks for every advertising occasion and in the right price range. Our backpacks not only accompany our customers on day trips and hiking tours, they are also the perfect image carriers. Of course, we make sure that our backpacks and bags are suitable as promotional items and can be easily printed.

View bags on the PromotionTops website View bags on the PromotionTops website
 Bags Special ePaper  Bags Special ePaper
Umbrellas on the PROMOTIONTOPS website


Umbrella Special 2020

For those who need more than just a standard umbrella our Umbrellas Special has a large variety of beach umbrellas, sport umbrellas and many many more. You can find many different types of umbrellas in different colours, sizes and material. Umbrellas are great promotional items for printing your logo.

Umbrellas on the PROMOTIONTOPS website Umbrellas on the PROMOTIONTOPS website
Umbrella Special ePaper Umbrella Special ePaper
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Sporty Special 2020

Are you looking for the ideal advertising medium for your campaign? Then our Sporty Special is for you! Our sports bags will give your company the attention it deserves. We are in constant exchange with our suppliers, so that optics, quality and price are right.

View bags on the PromotionTops website View bags on the PromotionTops website
Sporty Special ePaper Sporty Special ePaper


Check.In Catalogue 2018/19

Check in and experience the entire world of travelling. You will find trolleys, bags and vanity cases at a glance in our CHECK.IN catalogue. Find detailed information regarding dimensions, materials, and weight. All technical details and a wide range of colours can be found in our clearly laid out catalogue for suitcases and luggage. Be inspired by our choices!

ePaper  ePaper