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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility1

Corporate Social Responsibility

Annual CSR-Report 2023
Welcome to Inspirion GmbH’s Sustainability Report, covering the period 2022 and 2023. Our second and expanded CSR report that gives you an insight into our progress, innovations and general approach to sustainability at Inspirion GmbH.

Our strategy is proactive, aiming to anticipate rather than just respond to new regulations. We’re in the midst of implementing various indicators to monitor and develop our sustainability goals, adhering to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, participating in the EcoVadis CSR assessment, and supporting the UN Global Compact Framework. The indicators in this report primarily reflect our German headquarters, but plans are underway to expand their application to our subsidiaries in Europe and Asia. The year 2023 saw us further committing resources to sustainability, focusing on obtaining reliable data, a venture that is starting to yield results in this report and will be increasingly critical in the years ahead.

Silver Medal

Sustainability rating 2023: Ecovadis Silver Medal

Ecovadis Silver Medal
Among the top 15% with 92% percentage points achieved
INSPIRION GMBH has earned a Silver Medal, a recognition awarded to the Top 15% of companies assessed by EcoVadis in the 12 months prior to the medal issue date. It reflects the quality of the company's sustainability management system and demonstrates a commitment to promoting transparency throughout the value chain.

Evaluated Areas:

  • Environment

  • Labor and human rights

  • Ethics

  • Sustainable procurement

Steps in our Sustainability Journey

"We start locally - we go global"
“As a globally active company we recognize the responsibility we have towards our planet, resources and our environment. Inspirion has always had a strong long-term outlook and as a family business is thinking in generations. We strive to make a positive impact across the entire value chain from the production to the final consumer. As part of our strategy, we prioritize ecological and economic sustainable development. To uphold this commitment, we are continuously challenging all our business practices whether they are in line with our core values.“

- Sönke Hinrichs, Managing Director

Steps in our Sustainability Journey


  • Relocation warehouse (Bremen - Sottrum)
  • New battery-powered forklift truck


  • Relocation office (Bremen - Sottrum)
  • Introduction of the Advanced Digital Catalogues (ADC)


  • Go-live of first part of PV system (414 KW peak)
  • ~50% electricity from renewable sources
  • Expansion fleet to 54% EV-vehicles
  • Definition of internal and external guidlines
  • Setup of ESG KPI tracking for Inspirion GmbH


  • Completly paperless picking processes (march)
  • Rollout of indicator tracking to more branches
  • Rollout of updated Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Every supplier has to sign new Code of Conduct
  • Enhance training offering for all employees
  • Change to new packaging of products at least ~ 30 %
  • Rollout of ESG KPI tracking to more branches
  • Expansion fleet to 54% EV-vehicles
  • Go-live of second part of PV system (in total ~ MW peak)


  • Increase BSCI certified to at least 50%
  • 100% from renewable sources