History & Head Office

Wie alles begann


Fantastical starting point
Do you know the famous story of the Bremen Town Musicians? Four animals defeat a gang of thieves and together achieve the impossible. To make everything possible for the customer, that is a motto that Inspirion director Sönke Hinrichs has made his priority. The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen provides a home for his ideas and his dedicated colleagues.

Sönke Hinrichs started his fabulous career at the long-established Bremen company C. Melchers GmbH & Co. KG. He completed his vocational training there, became head of the department, and soon founded his own little company. At first, Hinrichs only imported umbrellas, suitcases, and items for decoration. Today, Inspirion GmbH has internationally made a name for itself with its impressive range of promotional items and as a specialist for luggage. A success story as fabulous as the sculpture of the Town Musicians in the City of Bremen.
Historie im Überblick


This is us
  • Founded in 1998 in Bremen
  • Purchasing offices in Hongkong and Shanghai
  • Quality assurance staff in Asia and Europe
  • Printing plants and regional warehouses in Germany, Poland and Hungary
  • Subsidiaries and sales offices in France, Netherlands, Spain, Croatia, Romania, Hungary and Poland
  • Headquarter and central warehouse in Sottrum near Bremen, Germany
  • Today: approx. 80 employees in Bremen and approx. 250 employees worldwide
Unser Firmensitz


At Home in Sottrum – At Home with the World
In the north we are at home! With the company headquarter in Sottrum, we are at the optimal location and benefit from the logistically valuable location close to the highway 1 and in the middle between the Hanseatic cities of Bremen and Hamburg. Our company headquarter, newly built in 2021, is equipped with state-of-the-art building and warehouse technology and therefore places a clear focus on economic efficiency and environmental awareness. We serve with high storage capacities as well as with high output quantities. From here we supply customers at home and abroad.