About Our Catalogues

Über unsere Kataloge


Reference works and sources of inspiration
In a ship´s logbook, all observations important to seafaring, for example the mileage covered, as well as daily occurrences on board and at sea, are recorded. Some logbooks have even reached historical and literary significance – such as the adventures of Odysseus.

Whether our catalogues will be similarly valued in the future remains to be seen. Nonetheless, our catalogues with a wide range of promotional items shall inspire dealers in advertising media and agencies. In our catalogue, you and your customers will find promotional items sorted by product groups. Alongside item descriptions and photos, you will learn all about size, material, price, as well as technical details. Moreover, we recommend a printing or finishing technique for every product.

Our main catalogue PromotionTops presents a colourful full range of items of 2400 products. In August, we release our Christmas catalogue Christmas Special for your autumn sales. You can also order topic-specific umbrellas and luggage catalogues, as well as our Mini´Z.


Give colour to your sales instruments
The sea has many colours. Depending on the sunlight exposure, it can glisten deep blue, lime green, or turquoise. Our catalogues, too, constantly change their appearances. Every year, we visually renew our catalogues for our customers and fill them with many new promotional items.

You can request catalogues tailored to your particular needs for you distinct appearance. Choose a special cover from our offer and design your own title. Order your sales documents with your company logo and your address imprint. We also offer image pages for a company profile or additional service pages at the end of the catalogue. Our catalogues are perfect sales instruments that facilitate the communication with the distributors in trade and industry.