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Dear Valued Customers,

the holiday season is just around the corner, and we're thrilled to announce the arrival of our Christmas Special 2024 Digital Catalogue! This
year, we're embracing a sustainable future with an exclusive 100% digital format. It's a convenient way to shop for the holidays while minimizing our
environmental impact – a win-win for everyone!

Our Digital Catalogue is brimming with festive cheer! Discover a curated selection of over 500 Christmas-themed and seasonally inspired items, including:

  • Sparkling decorations: Twinkling
    lights, and festive trimmings.
  • Tech treasures:
    Find useful electronic accessories and must-have gadgets.
  • Design delights:
    Explore high-quality, on-trend products to make every gift unique.
  • Cozy companions:
    Keep your loved ones warm with stylish thermal mugs and other winter
  • …and many more novelties!
    • Personalize your way: Customize the catalogue to perfectly represent your brand with your logo, contact information, and a choice of 5 pre-designed covers or even upload your own!
      • Effortless exploration: Find exactly what you need with a comprehensive search system and advanced filtering options.
        • Detailed product views: Access all the information you need (images, descriptions, pricing, availability) with clear product cards featuring neutral product links.
          • Watchlist for inspiration: Save your favourite items for later or use them to create personalized offers and recommendations based on customer preferences. Customers can even add comments and ratings!
            • Tailored for perfection: Want additional changes? Let us know! (Additional fees may apply).

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              All the best and goodbye!

              We bid farewell to two valued team members

              Last week, two valued colleagues left our company.

              Karin is taking her well-deserved retirement after more than 26 years of hard work in our team. We would like to thank her for her tireless efforts and wish her all the best for the future.

              At the same time, Özgür is leaving our company after 10 years to take on new professional challenges. We would like to thank him for his valuable contribution and wish him every success in his future career.

              Mission completed - training successfully completed!

              Double support for our team

              We have great news: Our trainees have successfully passed their final exams! With a degree as an IT Specialist for System Integration and a Bachelor´s degree in Business Administration with an additional qualification in Wholesale and Foreign Trade, Chris and Ramona have joined our team as further highly qualified specialists. We congratulate them on this great achievement and welcome them to the world of work!

              UV 360° bottle printing technique

              Unleash Your Brand's Potential

              We're thrilled to
              announce the launch of our UV 360° bottle printing technique! This technology
              lets you unleash your creative vision and transform your bottles into powerful
              branding tools.

              WHAT IS 360°
              UV PRINTING?

              360° UV printing is a technology that utilizes special UV-curable inks. As a result, the prints are extremely durable and resistant to abrasion, water, and sunlight. Additionally, the colors are vibrant and intense, and the print itself has a smooth and glossy finish.


              Bürgerpark Tombola 2024

              Congratulations to the WINNERS
              Although our location in beautiful, green Sottrum is no longer part of Bremen, we are once again wholeheartedly supporting the Bürgerpark campaign this year. Many Bremen residents are already familiar with the Bürgerpark raffle and know that our suitcase sets are among the coveted main prizes. Alongside nine other lucky winners, Anna Grobonia-Michalik is delighted with her new suitcases from our CHECK.IN® brand!

              RAB24 - Save the Date!

              On September 17th & 18th 2024, we will be at the RAB24 Apprenticeship Fair in Zeven.

              On September 17th & 18th 2024, we will be at
              the RAB24 Apprenticeship Fair at the Kivinan in Zeven, Germany.
              Meet us and learn more about our company and
              exciting apprenticeship opportunities at our facility in Sottrum, Germany!

              We offer apprenticeships in the following

              • IT Specialist - System Integration (m/f/d)
              • Management Assistant in E-Commerce (m/f/d)
              • Management Assistant in Wholesale and Foreign
                Trade (m/f/d)
              • Warehouse
                logistics specialist / warehouse clerk (m/f/d)

              We also offer the opportunity to do an internship
              in one or more areas.

              Click on the button below to find out more or
              come straight to the Apprenticeship Fair in September! We look forward

              to meeting you!

              You can also find all our current job advertisements on our careers page.

              New: sustainable product packaging

              We are gradually introducing environmentally friendly packaging from 2024 onwards
              To take a further step in the fusion of economy and ecology, we are gradually switching to a standardised and sustainable packaging design for our 2,500 items. We are using kraft paper, which not only offers excellent strength and protection, but is also 100% environmentally friendly as it is recyclable. With our clear, minimalist design, all important product information is immediately recognisable and the aesthetic design is guaranteed to catch everyone's eye. We prove that ecological commitment and economic success can go hand in hand.

              EI_02.01.2024_ Promotion _Tops_ 2024

              Promotion Tops 2024 – now available

              Discover our new products in the latest catalog!
              It's finally here - the new
              Promotion Tops 2024 & novelties.

              We are proud to present you our brand new catalog, which is full with exciting
              products. Inspirion is characterized by a wide range of products, so there is
              something for everyone. Advertising is not just about efficiency, it also
              requires style, which is why we place great emphasis on appealing design and
              customization options. You have an even wider selection to choose from,
              including many new products and environmentally friendly advertising materials,
              so that we can all move towards a greener future together.

              Immerse yourself in our catalog and be inspired by our advertising materials on
              over 400 pages. We will be happy to advise you on your customer requirements.
              Your contact partners from all countries look forward to hearing from you!


              New Year´s Wishes

              All the best for 2024!
              For the new year 2024, we wish you health, happiness and look forward to inspiring you with our promotional products and being your choice for promotional items again this year.

              Photovoltaic system- Our investment in a greener future

              Latest drone footage
              We have taken an video at our location in Sottrum with the help of a drone.

              Our newly constructed photovoltaic system on the roof of the building covers an area of 40,000 m². It consists of 12,000 modules with an output of approximately 5 MW, enabling an annual electricity production of around 4.5 million kWh. Our plant is not only environmentally conscious, but also efficient. The plant will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the entire region. By building the photovoltaic plant in the already green landscape, are we taking a step towards to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

              We filmed the plant for you. Click here to watch the Video!


              CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2023 – now available

              TIme for christmas presents
              The new CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2023 is now available! We proudly present our collection for the upcoming XMAS season. Browse through the digital catalogue and learn more about your favourites thanks to detailed item info and save them easily in your own wish list.

              To discover all promotional items, go to www.inspirion.eu

              We have the right article for every advertising message. Do you have any questions about finishing techniques? We will be happy to advise you.

              Summer party 2023

              Chill & Grill
              Yesterday we celebrated this year's summer party with over 40 people from the various European branches of our company in bright sunshine and 26 degrees Celsius. In addition to background music, there was a delicious buffet filled to the brim with grilled meat, fried sausages, many mixed salads and cold drinks. Various international desserts completed the evening's feast for the palate. The colleagues had time to enjoy the cosy atmosphere, to chat and to use it for a lively exchange.