Special Projects



Custom-made dreams come true here
Before it goes the way it does in the fairy tale “The Fisherman and his Wife” and you end up empty-handed, come to us. For your merchandising, we make the famous “pink elephant” possible. Inspirion accompanies you from the idea to the finished product. In order that your desired item looks like what you imagined, we deploy all available resources.

Our experienced product managers in Sottrum realize your custom-fit special designs in cooperation with the producers in Asia. In a joint briefing, we settle all details regarding design, colouring, individual branding, material, etc. in advance. As soon as we know everything about the target group, advertising message, budget, quantity, and time frame, we get started. Only when you and your customer are satisfied with the custom-made prototype do we start with mass production. Our design teams in Shanghai and Hong Kong see to a speedy realization and best conditions. Furthermore, we bank on suppliers with whom we have worked together trustingly and successfully for many years.