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Promotional ideas in stock
In the Middle Ages, the cog was the preferred transport ship of merchants thanks to its holding capacity. Today, we trust in container ships and stock our promotional items and luggage in modern high-bay warehouses. Inspirion offers a full range of items with more than 3000 items directly from stock. Our distribution centres in Sottrum and in our branches abroad have high warehouse capacities available. The goal is to supply our customers fast, effectively, and timely on the domestic markets. We manage the entire delivery process from our logistic centres. We organize the commissioning, packaging, finishing, and distribution to customers all over the world.

At our head office in Sottrum as well as in our branches, logistic premises are comparable. The high-bar warehouse is always located in close proximity of the office building. That way, our sales teams have short paths and can personally make sure everything is in order. Before you order a large quantity of your favoured item, we will gladly send you a sample in advance.
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Our own printing factories for fast service
Nobody knows a ship like its captain. This is why we trust our experts with the printing of promotional items. In our in-house printing factories, modern machinery and trained personnel make sure your advertising designs are optimally reproduced. The staff has longtime experience in finishing of promotional items and work according to high quality and security standards. As printing specialists, we can tell you exactly whether a printing technique can be used for a certain product.

We do our own printing for you so that your order is processed with the highest priority and you receive a fair price. Moreover, customers benefit from our logistic know-how. As our warehouses are located in close proximity of our printing factories, the promotional items don´t have to travel far. Short paths save time and money, which benefits you and your customers. Printing factories in different countries enable fast deliveries all over Europe.

Every year, many millions of promotional items leave our ISO-certified printing factories with advertising put on. The continuously increasing number of printing orders proves that customers trust our printing expertise.
Unser Know-How


On-board means on the road to success
With a crew that is ready for action and excellent on-board means, we move safely through wind and waves. As an importer and supplier, we want to be a strong partner to you whom you can trustingly turn to at all times.

A versatile full range of promotional items and luggage characterizes Inspirion. Profit from our know-how and our longtime experience in the import business. We strive to ensure long-ranging security of supply together with high availability of our goods. Huge warehouse capacities combined with a transparent inventory management system are our strengths. We are very familiar with Asia, the most important supply market for us. We have our own purchasing offices in the Far East and rely on personal contact with reliable suppliers. We know all about promotional items and their finishing. With our own printing factories, we optimally implement advertising messages.

We support you with your sales activities with the use of all available on-board means. These include neutral sales documents such as catalogues, flyers, mailings, etc. for your communication with the end customer in trade and industry.
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Specialised Team Players Work Hand in Hand
A captain is only as good as his team. The staff members in our internationally positioned team are specialists in their areas. In the headquarters in Sottrum, approximately 80 colleagues are responsible for the success of the corporate concept. Worldwide, Inspirion employs more than 250 people from 30 nations. Sales branches and agents are located in nearly every European country.

As team players, our colleagues work hand in hand. The interaction of product managers, sales staff, and printing and marketing specialists serves only one goal: customer satisfaction. In order to capably consult our customers at all times, we regularly train our personnel. Our salesmen not only speak the local languages of their customers, but also know the countries and their people.