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Nets with international nodes
True to the motto "Cast off and full speed ahead!" Inspirion targets all of Europe. That way, a strong network with cooperations abroad is created. And where Inspirion does not have its own branch, we work together with agents and enter alliances with local specialists. In our worldwide network of relationships, our customers are the nodes that all activities target. The advantage for our customers: competent local specialists in promotional items, consultation in the national language, fast preparation of marketing support and samples, as well as invoicing in local currencies.
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Always close to the customer
As a supplier and importer of promotional items and luggage that operates worldwide, we don´t lead an insular existence but are supported by a strong network of partners. We supply customers all over Europe and are locally present in some countries with our branches and sales offices:
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Hungary
  • Croatia


Strong Fleet with Combined Strength
A ship – however big it may be – sails safely over the sea when it has a strong fleet behind it. That is why Inspirion is organised in various associations in the promotional industry. Apart from exchanging experiences and information, bundling interests and formulating goals are the main objectives. After all, common goals are easier reached with a combined effort.

Our membership is not only characterised by a strong allegiance, but also by a clear statement regarding the purchase and sales politics of promotional items. Not for nothing do we consider ourselves committed to a Code of Conduct. This way, our customers can be assured that we comply with statutory rules on a national and international level. Furthermore, as an association member, we profit from many advantages that we pass on to our customers. These range from assisting when you create your online shop to free materials to complimentary tickets to fairs.