Promotional items live and in colour

Showtime! The stars in front of the camera are our promotional items. Experience our products live and in colour. Instead of waiting for a viewing sample, you can get an idea of the promotional items in advance by watching a video and assure yourself of its benefits. Inform yourself about functionality, use, and operation. Hopefully we are able to answer all questions with our product videos. Nonetheless, should you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Your favourite item hat not been filmed yet? In that case, kindly let us know which item you would like to see in action. We are always all ears for your wishes and suggestions. You would like to use our videos for your own sales promotion? You can integrate our videos into your web page or insert them into your presentations.
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56-0108000: Automatic stick umbrella AMAZE

with metal shaft, fibreglass ribs, metal tips, rubber coated crook handle with integrated release button, polyester pongee canopy with black piping, closure with Velcro, one piece canopy without seams, individually designed all-over print included

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56-0108010: Automatic windproof pocket umbrella EMOTION

3-part metal shaft, with metal/plastic/fibreglass ribs, metal tips, black/silver plastic handle, high-quality polyester pongee canopy, closure with Velcro

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56-0108020: Automatic stick umbrella FANTASY

metal shaft, fibreglass ribs, metal tips, black rubber-coated crook handle, high-quality polyester pongee canopy, closure with Velcro

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56-0304236-39: Insulating cup SLIMLY

Travel mug SLIMLY, double-walled: inside and outside made of stainless steel, screw-top lid (plastic), capacity approx. 250 ml

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56-0304250 - 52: Double-walled glasses DRINK LINE

set of 2, transparent, temperature-resistant, capacity approx. 100 ml, in a classy gift box

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56-0304405: Tea box TEA LOUNGE

Tea box TEA LOUNGE: with 5 separate compartments for tea bags, with glass lid and snap latch, made of bamboo

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56-0304408: Coaster set PUT UNDER

Coaster set PUT UNDER, 5 pcs: comprises 4 coasters and bamboo box, with large space for logo application

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56-0340047-49: Christmas mug XMAS CUP

Christmas mug XMAS CUP: with Christmas design, capacity approx. 350 ml, with coloured gift box to print on

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56-0403070: LED door hanger DO NOT DISTURB

with circumferential LED band on the inside, on/off switch on the side, with non-permanent marker and eraser to write messages on the hanger, 3 x AAA batteries (excl.)

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56-0407500: Magnetic bookmark RESUME:

Magnetic bookmark RESUME: magnetic and foldable, metallic look

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56-0499052-53: Manicure set PRETTY IN BLACK

Manicure set PRETTY IN BLACK, 5 pieces: comprises nail file, tweezers, nail cuticle scissors, nail clipper, and a pair of scissors, in rectangular case with button on the side

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